1996 Saturn SL1

  • 出售价格:$1000
  • 所在地区:华盛顿DC > 华盛顿DC
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  • 发布时间:2009-8-18
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  • 种类:二手车
  • 地址:Fairfax
  • 车型:Sedan轿车
  • 年份:1997
  • 行程哩数:0


My 1996 Saturn is very clean and rides smoothly. I can drive it fast up to 80MPH. The mileage is within the range of 33 to 38 miles/per gallon - it depends on where the car run. All four tires are totally brand new - just less than one month. Engine looks neat and new. The A/C blows cold very well. It is powered by a gas saving 1.9L 4 cylinder engine with a 5 speed standard transmission. I''ve been using this car for commuter between my home and workplace, and I never had any problem with this car since 1997. You can own this clean Saturn for the low price of only $1000 due to my moving sale! - I have a new job out of this State and want to get rid of all staff.
Any questions or concerns
please call (240)529-3558
or e-mail at kanewkarl@yahoo.com



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