1988 vw gti 1.8 turbo

  • 出售价格:$4500
  • 所在地区:华盛顿DC > 华盛顿DC
  • 电话:301-586-7738
  • 邮箱:  点击发送电邮联系
  • 发布时间:2010-2-1
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  • 种类:二手车
  • 地址:(silver spring
  • 车型:Sedan轿车
  • 年份:2010
  • 行程哩数:81000


Up for sale is my 1988 VW GTI with a 2000 VW GTI 1.8 Turbo swap...
when the swap was done the engine had around 81xxx miles on it.. the swap was
6 months ago so the mileage is around 85xxx.. all the work was done a pro shop...
the also a few other mods like a stand alone fuel management system.
sport suspension and 14x7 momo wheels.... right now i got the boost a
16 pounds but it can handle 23 pounds.. if any question feel free to call
or text me as for Samuel.... or you can email
willing to trade for 1998 sedan or newer no 2dr please.... the misses have a
baby and i need a bigger car....



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